You can download songs from both albums on the cellular networks: Orange, Cellcom and Pelephon

The First Album Songs:


1. True that i've loved
(Nacon Seahavti) 03:28

2. Masecet Mahsavot

(Treasure of Thoughts) 02:37

3. The Life Without You

(Hahaim Biladecha) 03:01

4. Touch (Nogea) 03:08

5. Slightly Different Man

(Gever Tipa Shone) 03:34

6. World of Beauty

(Olam sel Yofi) 03:52

7. Lonliness Knocking on my Door

( Bdidot Tofhachat al Dalti) 04:14

8. I Know ( Ani Yodea) 03:43

9. To Touch You ( Bach Ligoa) 03:56

10. You are Waiting

At Metzapa) 03:41


You can download songs from both albums also on:

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4. Gidi  - Amit Hayo's first cover to the hit of Sharon Lifshitz from 1983
lyrics: Dan toren, music:Sharon Lifshitz, Production: Shiko Feldman
3. Give me the peace  - Original song of Amit Hayo. lyrics+music: Amit Hayo Production: Oov
2. Blue  - English Version of original song of Amit Hayo. lyrics+music: Amit Hayo Production: Ronen Halevi+Eyal Epstein
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